Letter: Safe cycling on Red Routes

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Safe cycling on Red Routes

Sir: T F F Taylor (letter, 16 July) incorrectly presents cycling on London's Red Routes as dangerous.

In fact Red Routes include many measures to make cycling safer, such as new cycle lanes, special crossing points for cyclists and advance cycle areas at traffic signals. All these features give cyclists their own space where they are protected from other traffic on some of London's busiest roads.

Around pounds 8m will have been spent on cycle facilities by the time the Red Route network is fully operational in 2000. In the past year alone I have introduced 25.5km of new cycle lanes. I am also funding improvements at many of the junctions between Red Routes and the London Cycle Network, which offers cyclists alternative routes through London.

As for the challenge to Red Route designers to cycle along their own roads, this is taken up on a daily basis by some 12 per cent of my staff. Our own cycles are also used for regular surveys of conditions on the Red Route network. As a cycle-friendly employer I naturally provide shower, changing and secure parking facilities for cyclists.


Traffic Director for London.

London SW1