Letter: Sailing into the sunset of monarchy

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Sailing into the sunset of monarchy

Sir: Yet again the Government seeks to pull a fast one. Motivated by election opportunism, the Cabinet reckons it's worth some extra votes to announce now the decision to give the Royal Family a new luxury liner of their own at a cost of pounds 60m (report, 23 January).

Yet again too the Queen readily accepts the gift, despite the fact that everyone in the nation will have to pay by way of the pounds 60m being removed from the state kitty - money that otherwise could benefit all sections of our society.

Republicans, however, will recognise this selfish act as yet another nail in the coffin of the House of Windsor. Each time they display such avarice the royals arouse more and more resentment among people they clearly do not understand, increasing the odds that in time the public demand will be for an early end to the archaic institution of monarchy.


Norwood Green, Middlesex