Letter: Sanctions on Serbs should remain

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Sir: Amanda Brook (Letters, 1 October) makes two incorrect statements which are crucial at this time when Serbia/Montenegro are trying to have international sanctions lifted. First, she implies that the areas of Krajina and Baranja are part of Serbia, whereas they are parts of the republics of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and their current rule by Serbs is only facilitated by all the evil means associated with their practice of ethnic cleansing.

Second, sanctions are not imposed on medical supplies, and if there are any shortages, this is related to the expenditure by the Belgrade government on its armed forces, including the development of a new battle tank and aircraft fighter, as reported by Jane's magazine. The hospitals that should be remembered are those in Croatia and Bosnia that have been targeted for destruction, like Vukovar, Zadar and Sarajevo. At this time sanctions should be fully policed, rather than relaxed.

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3 October