Letter: Santa's helpers

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Santa's helpers

Sir: D J R Powell's letter (24 December) about the existence of Santa Claus has that spacious quasi-scientific quality of argument that one might expect from a person whose address is given as the "Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston".

Santa Claus does not need to bring presents to all the good Christian children. The responsibility is shared with the three Wise Men among others, depending on which Christian tradition the children belong to. actual distribution is not crammed into 31 hours but is spread over a period between 6 December and 6 January.

In any case, as everyone except a nuclear scientist knows, Santa and his co-workers are capable of manipulating time.

A former member of CND, I am saddened to note that those active in the manufacture and propagation of nuclear weapons are still so detached from reality.


Troon, Cornwall