Letter: School of Liverpool

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Sir: Tom Lubbock does less than justice to Liverpool and its artists when he writes, in his article about the Liverpool Tate, that "Liverpool has no particular place in modern art history" ("Pile 'em high, send 'em up north", 26 May).

Liverpool School of Art has had some of the finest, most influential teachers in Britain. The city had a thriving Academy and to its cathedrals attracted many notable artists. Painters and sculptors such as Sam Walsh, John Edkins, Arthur Dooley, Adrian Henri, Nicholas Horsfield, Stuart Sutcliffe, Roderick Bisson, Harry Hoodless, Edward Carter Preston, Sean Rice, Maurice Cockrill and Martin Bell are a few who have contributed to the Liverpool tradition.

So far it has been left mainly to the Walker Art Gallery, the Bluecoat and commercial dealers to show the work. Undoubtedly the local Tate, like its counterpart in St Ives, can play a useful role too, but the will must be there.


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