LETTER : School uniforms have changed

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Sir: The people who didn't like wearing school uniform and considered it uncomfortable (report, 3 February) have obviously not come across the uniforms of today's primary schools. I have taught in two junior schools, both of which had uniform. The uniform at my last school consisted of a polo shirt, sweatshirt and skirt/trousers. It was practical, machine- washable, hardwearing and comfortable.

School uniform helps the children to take a pride in their appearance. It is much easier on school outings to busy places to keep an eye on all the children and we have had many compliments on how smart the children look. I also think it makes it easier for the parents as there are no fights about what to wear to school, and for the children as there is no peer-pressure about fashionable clothes.

However, let's not take things too far and send children home for not wearing the correct uniform. What good will that do in terms of their education? Surely a supply of spare uniform to be lent to those who arrive at school without theirs is all that is needed.