Letter: Schools chaos is deliberate

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In describing the pernicious effect that the Government's policy of 'parental choice' is having upon schools you indulge in some false logic of your own by concluding that the policy isn't working ('Tory school of false logic', 19 June). Insofar as it is rapidly achieving its aims, the policy is working very well indeed. It was designed to destroy that nasty socialist thing, comprehensive education, and to resurrect selective schools - and that is exactly what it is doing.

It was inevitable that any 'choice' would devolve from parents to the schools. That anxious or gullible parents didn't realise this demonstrates the cleverness, not the foolishness, of the policy. The Tories would prefer us to believe that the horrors they visit are the result of human frailty rather than active malfeasance.

Malcolm Peet

Exmouth, Devon