Letter: Schools plight shows tax cut hypocrisy

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Sir: Now that the general election has finally been called, we will be subjected to the usual barrage of tedious party political electioneering over the next six-and-a-half weeks. I suggest an alternative to our current method of parliamentary election, which leads to short-term, cyclical five-year policies, and cynical manipulation of the economy in the run- up to a general election.

By staggering the election of every member of parliament in weekly intervals it is possible to be continuously electing the current government, with the term of office dictated only by party majority.

By having, say, three by-elections every week we would have the equivalent of a general election every four years (assuming 651 seats), but without the wasteful hype, advertising and economic manipulation that our current election system induces. The Commons majority of a given party could be reviewed monthly.

This mechanism would provide ongoing feedback to the governing party of the nation's opinion of its performance, and allow government to look to the long-term benefit of the country.