Letter: Science and theology: material and spiritual questions that are worlds apart

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Sir: Dr Dawkins claims to have 'listened to theologians' but his letter shows no sign of this listening. Theology is not a rival form of science, as he seems to suppose, and is therefore not to be judged as though it were just another scientific theory.

Last night, two drunken vagrants came to my house. Was it my house they chose because of my D Phil in protein crystallography, or because of my theology? Some people do notice the difference theology makes. It is not that their genes are similar to mine that gives those vagrants dignity and worth: it is that they are made in the image and likeness of God.

Dr Dawkins' argument about origins is also flawed; he asks who would notice if the achievements of theologians were to be wiped out. But who would notice if scientific astronomy and cosmology were to be wiped out? Yet I hope these academic disciplines will continue to be supported.

Theology is concerned with agendas; what goes on to a person's agenda, and a society's agenda, and in what order. When God comes first, it makes a difference.

Yours sincerely,




20 March