Letter: Science formula missing vital ingredients

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Sir: In her coverage of the Ofsted report on Science and Maths in Schools ('Poor teaching puts pupils off maths', 17 August), Judith Judd highlights the spiral of decline at A-level resulting from poor teaching. The missing ingredients here must surely be enthusiasm and excitement.

If we can ensure that students and teachers enjoy what they are learning and teaching and feel that it is relevant to their future, this must go a long way to increasing numbers by improving the quality of the lessons.

The Standing Conference on Schools' Science and Technology exists to do just this. We find ways of involving students in real-life issues that will stimulate and motivate them. We enable teachers to work with professional scientists and engineers in industry to develop skills that are relevant.

Independent bodies such as ours should not be alone in injecting enthusiasm and excitement into the learning and teaching of the sciences. We need equal enthusiasm and support from the Government and all interested parties.

Yours faithfully,


Chief Executive

Standing Conference on Schools' Science and Technology

London, W1

17 August