Letter: Science has little allure for graduates

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Sir: Donald MacLeod's depressing chronicle ('Drift from sciences causes concern', 20 August) of yet another landmark passed in the UK's technological slide, omits perhaps the saddest part of the situation.

It is no doubt true that 'In the short term, the recession is helping to ameliorate science teacher shortages'. However, are we really to expect that today's industry cast-offs are going to enthuse our next generation about work in science and technology?

If the Government is looking to the recession to reverse the current trend, perhaps it should note the Institute of Physics' findings that a majority of those still with jobs would not advise physics as a career.

The problem will not be solved by government ministers castigating whistle-blowers as self-interested, as happened during the election. The writing is on the wall - perhaps those responsible have their backs to this wall? It would be difficult otherwise to avoid an even more serious indictment of their technological competence.

Yours sincerely,


Sutton Poyntz, Dorset

23 August