Letter: Science has little allure for graduates

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Sir: As an undergraduate molecular biologist involved in general higher education issues, I am saddened but by no means surprised by the decline in science subjects as highlighted in your leading article 'The cost of neglecting science' (20 August) and in Donald MacLeod's front-page article 'A-level grades improve as science decline continues'.

I came into science with tremendous enthusiasm. However, my ebullience has cooled, as I have seen science becoming an area underfunded for short-term and short-sighted savings. Who would enter a career with a future of underfunding and cuts? The best science graduates use their intelligence and go into law and accountancy.

Few indeed will go into the teaching profession. Do not be fooled into thinking that demoralisation in higher education does not filter down to school level. The time has long been overdue for British science to receive the investment it deserves. Then, perhaps, our children, as well as our industry, can reap the rewards.

Yours faithfully,



University of London Union

London, WC1