Letter: Scientific versus theological knowledge

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Sir: It was good to read that the author Susan Howatch is endowing a lectureship in theology and natural science at Cambridge ('Writer donates pounds 1m to strike blow for theology', 18 March). However, it was also rather surprising to read of her 'discovery' that 'science was not destroying religion, as people popularly believe . . .' I would really question whether this belief, which had a good innings in late Victorian times, retains much of its popularity a century later.

In fact, interest in science and theology is going through rather a boom period, reflected in the proliferation and growth of societies (such as Christians in Science) which act as forums for debate; the popularity of journals such as Science & Christian Belief; the recent Templeton Lectures which addressed a wide range of topics on science and faith; and the existence of large numbers of Christians within the scientific community.

Society in general may be becoming more secular, but the partnership between science and theology appears remarkably healthy.

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Science & Christian Belief


18 March