Letter: Scots, English and a leap in the dark

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Sir: Following the ill-advised comments of Stephen Dorrell, the debate on the merits of devolution has focused exclusively on Scotland's future.

On the same day that the Health Secretary's remarks were causing an uproar, nearly 100 people prominent in Welsh life (from business figures, academics, and religious figures through to celebrities from the worlds of sport, music and the stage) launched a new campaign. Our aim is to achieve a resounding "yes" vote in the referendum which we, as well as the Scots, have been promised following a change of government.

We have launched a non-party political campaign in advance of the election because we feel that there is a need to take the focus on devolution away from politicians and aim it at ordinary people, the vast majority of whom are members of no political party. The wrangling of recent days proves such an approach is sorely needed.



Yes for Wales campaign