LETTER : Scottish lead for Wales to follow

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Sir: Even an ardent Unionist such as Margaret Thatcher once said that no English politician could gainsay the democratic will of the people of Scotland.

While it is therefore necessary to grant Scotland the freedom it seeks even if it leads to full independence, one must also consider the democratic needs of the English. I therefore propose the following three changes to commence on the first day the Edinburgh parliament convenes. First, Scotland should have its representation at Westminster cut from 72 to 45 in line with its population size. Second, the Scottish members should only be allowed to vote on UK issues, not on matters affecting England. Third, the pounds 14bn Scottish budget should be reduced by pounds 2.5bn to bring it in line with expenditure in England. The Scots could then use their tax-varying powers to finance their own budget and no longer rely on the English taxpayer, via the UK Treasury, to support them.


Welling, Kent