LETTER : Scottish lead for Wales to follow

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Sir: The message of the Scottish referendum result to the people of Wales must be to look and learn from the experience of devolved government in other nations. We should learn from our successful European partners like Germany, where each Land enjoys considerable autonomy. We should consider successful devolved governments within the Commonwealth, such as the Australian model. Nor can anyone seriously claim that the American devolved system is a recipe for disunity and conflict.

Above all, let us consider Scotland. Five years from now, the Westminster parliament could again be dominated by right-wing dogmatists ready to inflict yet more damage on our social fabric. Scotland will have a permanent buffer against these attacks but, without an assembly, Wales will again be easy prey. We need to look at the self-confidence which other nations, both large and small, have demonstrated; then Wales must seize the moment and give a decisive "Yes" vote.


Brighton, Sussex