Letter: Scottish question

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From Mr Stuart G. Boyce

Sir: On Monday, Michael Forsyth the Secretary of State for Scotland, held the first Scottish question time outside of Westminster, choosing New Parliament House in Edinburgh ("Scotland hosts question time", 16 January).

The Tory, Liberal Democrat and Scottish National Party contingencies were out in force, yet less than half of the 49 Scottish Labour MPs bothered to attend and question the Secretary of State, despite having to travel a far shorter distance than usual to represent their constituents. Where were they - possibly at Westminster, taking part in New Labour's pandering to "Middle England"?

It would appear that the real "question" to be asked after this appalling display in the building in which Labour is planning to house its proposed assembly is, "Just how committed to democracy in Scotland is the Labour Party?".

Yours sincerely,

Stuart G. Boyce

Vice-Convener of Publicity

Young Scottish Nationalists


17 January