Letter: Sculpture meets architecture at Stansted, Chartres and Broadgate

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Sir: I raised a cheer for Peter Dormer on reading his article on sculpture in public places. As a daily commuter to Liverpool Street, I obtain a great deal of pleasure from walking through the rebuilt station and new Broadgate development. This is spoilt every time I have to pass the depressing group of statues he mentions, bad enough on a sunny day but infinitely depressing in the rain, and I often wonder what possessed the artist to make such a thing.

Mr Dormer has not, however, mentioned the pile of rusting iron, more than 25ft high, which is situated just outside the station by the ice rink.

He probably thought, as I did until learning better from another newspaper article, that this was an unfortunate, unavoidable and unaesthetic air vent installed by London Underground as an essential safety feature.

Yours faithfully,


Ingatestone, Essex

9 September