Letter: Secrets of the Greenwich dome

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Sir: I do not think I am alone in my amazement that the Cabinet has decided to support the Greenwich site as the focus of the British celebrations of the Millennium. I note with approval that the primary aim of Tony Blair's government is to ensure that the celebrations are enjoyed by the entire population of these islands.

Measures should be instituted to ensure that all inhabitants of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have equal access to the event. The measure which would most directly achieve this would be for the ticket to visit Greenwich to include in the standard purchase price the full transportation costs from the place of residence in the UK to the exhibition site, be it by Underground, rail, bus, sea, air or a combination of these.

Of course, this will require in affect a subsidy paid by those living close to the site to those living farther away, but, surely, such a uniform ticket price would be acceptable to people who are fortunate to live close to Greenwich.


Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan