Letter: Secular babies

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Sir: There is nothing new or strange about non-religious naming ceremonies for children (Comment, 26 May; letter, 1 June). The Baby Naming Society, formed in 1994, is following work done for some time by the British Humanist Association; the BHA published Jane Wynne Willson's booklet, New Arrivals, in 1991, and the nationwide Humanist Ceremonies Network provides naming ceremonies as well as non-religious weddings and funerals.

Moreover, the BHA has been following work done for a long time by the freethought movement; the Ethical Church produced a ceremony for the "Recognition and Dedication of Children" in 1913, and the National Secular Society produced a ceremony for the "Naming of Infants" as long ago as 1868. Anyway, millions of ordinary people have been conducting their own private ceremonies for centuries.


Rationalist Press Association

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