Letter: See the UN - if you can afford it

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Sir: If David Wardrop (letter, 9 September) is so keen to 'offer the public the opportunity to personally identify with the UN', perhaps he should speak to his New York colleagues. While in the Big Apple a few weeks ao, I visited the United Nations headquarters - but I could not see any part of the building apart from the foyer - and, of course, the tourist shop - unless I paid.

I pointed out to the most senior person who would listen that, as a fully-qualified member of the world citizenry, I take offence at being required to pay to see the building in which my future and my country's future are debated.

Perhaps I am a typical tight- fisted student, but then again how can I be expected to support the UN when it does not recognise me - only what is in my pockets.

Yours faithfully,


Snailwell, Cambridgeshire

9 September