Letter: Seeds of discontent

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Sir: I have been listening to Radio 4 and Gardeners' Question Time for well over 20 years. I would like to thank the producer and all past and present panel members for the pleasure and knowledge I have gained.

Michael Leapman's open letter (10 February) expresses perfectly the devastation I, my family and many friends feel now that we know the programme is to be no more in its present form. Its tried and tested formula works and has given enjoyment to millions, and I am appalled at the crass arrogance of Michael Green and his management team in thinking that they know what we want. I will be following the team to Classic FM.

It seems to me that the new management team is doing its best to drive away its loyal listeners by replacing many well-known and liked programmes and personalities by infantile panel games and presenters. I no longer automatically switch to Radio 4 for relaxation.

In anger and disappointment,