Letter: Self-interest is key to Arab-Israeli peace

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Sir: We were horrified to hear about yet another atrocity and send our condolences to the families and friends of those who were killed and injured on Wednesday in Afula. We are aware that Israelis feared a reprisal for the Hebron massacre, yet that should not allow us to accept the apparent inevitability of daily killings and injuries, which only add to the sense of frustration felt by both Israelis and Palestinians.

Even once agreement has been reached and documents signed, extremist elements on both sides will seek to undermine any co-operation achieved: Judaism, Christianity and Islam have been so badly misinterpreted to justify violence. We must now heed the true essence of our spiritual teachings and seek instead justice, reconciliation and humanity.

Yours faithfully,




Jade: Jewish Arab

Dialogue in Europe

London, NW3

7 April