Letter: Send EU into Ireland, not US Time for EU to broker peace

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The pictures of Gerry Adams in the White House were taken to heart by the Unionists of Northern Ireland; thus the fierce opposition to George Mitchell as a chairman in the talks. Official America is seen as pro-nationalist. I take all Neal Ascherson's case ("Only American troops can secure peace for Northern Ireland now", 14 July) save that of the identity of the troops, given that "foreign soldiers are still needed". Those troops have not only to be non-aligned, they have also to be positively accepted as such by both sides.

What a tremendous opportunity for the EU to help. The EU is "clean". The Republic of Ireland holds its presidency until next year and on 14 February President Santer said: "The EU will support, with all the means at its disposal, the efforts of the two governments to keep the peace process on track." It would also be an opportunity for the EU to restore the reputation it lost in Bosnia.

Peter Cadogan

The Northern Ireland Project, The Gandhi Foundation, Purley, Surrey