Letter: Serbia's path to war

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REFERRING to the Kosovan Liberation Army as "shady" ("Cook plea falls on deaf ears as Serb police blitz villages", 6 March) lends credence to the Serb notion that they are a terrorist group. Terrorists are military units which mercilessly attack innocent civilians outside their own country (or foreigners within it) to draw attention to their cause. The KLA are defending their homes and families against an internal aggressor and trying to fight their way back to the semblance of democracy they enjoyed under Tito.

If Slobodan Milosevic continues down this path - a course which has been escalating for years - the result will involve several other countries in the region and perhaps even Turkey, making Bosnia look like a picnic. Such a war (specifically the hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees) will be felt throughout Europe for many years to come and one way or another, we will pay for it.


London SW19