Letter: Serbia's path to war

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I HAVE recently returned from the area around the city of Vukovar, which in January passed from the UN back to Croat control. The Croat campaign of terror against the Serb refugees began the very next day, with the aim of ethnically cleansing them from the area.

On my return I was naively surprised to find no mention of these and other horrors, although I have since noticed a small and obscure paragraph on the subject. With the actions of the Serbs in Kosovo on the front page (9 March), would I be wrong in assuming that if the situation in Vukovar had been the reverse and the Croats had been the victims, the coverage might have been greater?

It is easy to identify a "baddie" and stick to that choice, but no one ethnic group has a monopoly on evil and aggression. We do the Balkans no favours by demonising the Serbs and presenting a complicated conflict in simplistic terms.


Sevenoaks, Kent