Letter: Sex education in schools as part of a national strategy on health

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Sir: The terrible experience of the Stone family is common ('Too many condoms, not enough morals'; Education, 9 July). Schools are now very wary before allowing in official 'Aids experts', with their videos and materials, who often seem interested only in promoting the 'fun' of promiscuous rubberised sex - portrayed as safe.

Most parents, teachers and governors want a clear health message in the context of relationships, commitment and the freedom to say no to drugs or casual sex. Governors in particular have a legal responsibility to ensure that their schools are providing this.

Our own schools' HIV educators, who saw 25,000 pupils last year, are now being asked more and more to take classes. Our approach is radically different and hard hitting, presenting stark choices without being moralistic. It is not an issue of good and evil but rather a reasonable, accurate and mature approach to the


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Executive Director

Aids Care, Education and


London, W5

9 July