Letter: Sex on the Quayside

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Sir: In my 40-minute phone interview I never once said that Quayside, Tyne-Tees TV's new drama, was "sex-free" (leading article, 14 January). Nor has it ever been "billed" as such.

The implication that Quayside's storylines have been influenced by Bruce Gyngell's views on Hollywood Lovers is false. Mr Gyngell has had no editorial input on the show. TTTV has given me and Quayside's writers complete freedom to produce a show with the best chance of making a dent in EastEnders' audience.

I can inform your readers living in "Middlesbrough and Whitley Bay" that with storylines based on transgressions of the seven deadly Sins (plus consequences thereof), there is sex aplenty in Quayside.


Producer, `Quayside'

Newcastle upon Tyne