Letter: Shameful failure to respond in Rwanda

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Sir: The Rwanda Patriotic Front may have lost their 'good guys' image in the eyes of Richard Dowden (Africa File, 10 June), after the murder of three bishops by renegade RPF soldiers, but it is most unlikely that there is any change in the opinion of those Rwandans who are now staying in Britain and whose entire families have been wiped out by the deliberate actions of the Rwandan interim 'government' in Gitarama.

The stark contrast between government-organised genocide - leaving 500,000 dead - and instances of RPF retribution need not change anyone's view. What is likely to offend and upset our bereaved visitors is the fact that the international community appears not to have the guts to send the Gitarama 'government' representatives packing.

At a time when this country and others are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the defeat of Nazi Germany, we deliberately fail to respond to the events in Gitarama and Kabgayi. Fifty years from now, Rwandans will hopefully be able to celebrate the defeat of evil in their own country but I doubt if many in the international community will be invited to attend the events. If they ever were invited, would they bother to attend?

Yours faithfully


Bromley, Kent