Letter: Share the secret of living under Serbs

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Sir: Franjo Cvetkovic's letter (30 September) is surreal. He claims to be a Croat living contentedly under the new Serbian government, which has taken over by force the village in Baranja where he lives. Yet thousands of Croats have been forcibly expelled from their homes in that very same region, and many have been killed, under the Serbian campaign of ethnic cleansing and military occupation in the cause of a Greater Serbia.

Mr Cvetkovic also claims to have been mistreated by the Croatian authorities. From his safe haven, he should complain to the Croatian government and the international authorities, naming names, if he has really been the victim of brutality and corruption. The written constitution of Croatia offers full protection for his human rights, if his cause is just.

Mr Cvetkovic, despite being a Croat, evidently knows the key to living unmolested in Serbian-controlled territory. Perhaps he should share his secret with the UN and the non-Serb authorities around former Yugoslavia, so that the various ethnic groups being exterminated or expelled (600,000 refugees have been pushed into Croatia alone) under the ethnic cleansing policy can learn how to survive in their own homes.

Yours faithfully,




30 September