Letter : Shell has the power to save the Ogoni people

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From Mr Jon Castle and others

Sir: On the first anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa's imprisonment in Nigeria, we, the Greenpeace environmental protesters occupying the Brent Spar ("Greenpeace rig squatters ready to repel boarders", 22 May), wish to express our admiration and solidarity for Ken and the Ogoni people.

Ken is in military confinement in Nigeria, after no trial, and is being systematically starved and tortured. This is because oil found under his homeland of Ogoni is valued by the military dictatorship and by their friends. In Ken's homeland, villages are being destroyed, Ogoni people terrorised and their land despoiled, all for the black gold.

Shell Oil has the influence to put an end to this appalling situation.

We, the Brent Spar crew attempting to prevent the environmental crime of dumping a contaminated oil platform into the ocean, call upon Shell to act now to alleviate the suffering of Ken Saro-Wiwa, and the Ogoni people.

Yours faithfully,


and Greenpeace activists

Brent Spar Oil Installation

North Sea

22 May