Letter: Short's antics are a threat to Labour victory

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Letter: Short's antics are a threat to Labour victory

Sir: I suspect that many more people must be as weary of the antics of Clare Short and her tribe as I am (report, 8 August). With only months to a general election and a chance to free our country of the nonentities currently in office, we are treated to yet another display of unfocused emoting which can only serve Conservative purposes rather than those of Labour.

She might care to reflect that Tony Blair has made her seat and those of Ken Livingstone, Jeremy Corbyn and the other malcontents infinitely safer than otherwise they would have been. In the event of a Tory victory she would be able to parade her left-wing conscience from the well-paid safety of the back benches without any burden of responsibility or loyalty. The real victims would be the old, the poor, the unemployed and all who yearn for a more just society.

Her complaints about being attacked from behind by those whom she thought were her supporters might better have been expressed by Tony Blair than by herself, but then, he has more sense.


Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire