Letter: Should the taxpayer bear the expense of saving adventurous souls?

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Sir: This winter has been no different than any other in the Scottish Highlands; the highly professional and dedicated mountain rescue are called out in some of the the worst weather conditions in the world, to find lost or injured walkers/climbers.

The consensus may be that people who partake in this dangerous pastime should pay for their rescue, if the need should ever arise. However, if a member of a mountaineering group has an accident and is injured badly, should the decision on moving the injured person be affected by financial pressure?

A suggestion has been made that, as with other dangerous pastimes, Air Ambulance insurance should be taken out so that in the event of an expensive rescue the taxpayer does not foot the bill. The added advantage of this is that it may deter the increasing number of people who have little or no knowledge of mountaincraft or even basic survival.




17 February