Letter: Slaughter of the Sarajevans

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Sir: The slaughter of the innocent civilians last Saturday in Sarajevo has once again vindicated the belief among Muslims that the lives of Muslims are worth nothing. Human rights are only for Christians and Jews. There is now a call for bombing of the Serbs. We have heard that before but the West has no stomach for killing its white Christian brethren.

There are only two solutions. The Muslim Bosnians should en masse convert to Christianity. They are white, after all, and being Christian is a bonus. However, I hope they will be luckier than the Moriscos of Andalusia (the Christians did not believe their conversion and they suffered a similar fate to the Muslims and Jews).

The second option is for the Bosnian government to demand that the Muslim countries break the arms embargo and implement resolutions passed at the numerous Organisation of Islamic Countries conferences. What will the West do? Bombard them as it did Iraq? It would not dare if they were led by Saudi Arabia.

Sincerely yours,


Editor, Muslim News

Harrow, Middlesex

5 February