Letter: Sleaze: Tories finally act after 18 years

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Sir: Yet again the Tories are following in Labour's footsteps. Your report "Tories would make bribing MPs a crime" (10 April) comes hot on the heels of our Sunday announcement that Labour will make bribery involving Members of Parliament a criminal offence.

The Tories have had 18 years to deal with this and done nothing. Even now the Prime Minister only offers to "examine the question".

MPs should not have special immunity from the criminal law. Any MP, who, for example, is found to have taken large sums of cash in brown paper envelopes in exchange for misusing his or her position ought to face court proceedings in the same way as anyone else. Labour will amend the Prevention of Corruption Act to make sure corrupt MPs face jail, not just parliamentary inquiries.


Shadow Home Secretary

The Labour Party

London SE17