Letter: Slogans which make no sense

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GEOFFREY ROBERTSON may be right in stating that international criminal justice can be fair, but if this is the case it is certainly not demonstrated by the indictment of Slobodan Milosevic ("No right without wrong, no peace without justice", 30 May).

If there is a prima facie case against him for war crimes, then there is at least as strong a suspicion against President Clinton, Mr Blair and the other Nato leaders. Without UN sanction, they have ordered air attacks against a sovereign nation causing casualties. Many of these casualties have been civilian, though there is a case for saying that even military casualties of this unauthorised aggression are against international law. Incontrovertibly, the Nato bombing campaign has speeded up the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, and given Milosevic a possible defence of provocation. To accuse Milosevic alone is proof that the prosecuting authorities connected with the International Court are biased, and renders quite worthless any possible verdict against him.


Celbridge, Ireland