Letter: Slow down and let us belt up

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Sir: I am angered by the comments reported (11 November) in connection with the fitting of seat belts to coaches. Robert Key, the Minister for Roads and Traffic, should take a leaf out of one of his predecessors' books and look at how the 'dim dip' lighting regulations were railroaded through in the face of intense EC opposition.

Our legislators do have the power. As coach floors have strength to hold seats in place, even after impact accidents, the claim made by Alan Gurley, the technical director of the Bus and Coach Council, that the floor construction is unsuitable for fitting belts, is irrelevant.

Two-point restraint systems anchored to the seat frame are accepted aircraft practice and, given the will, could be rapidly introduced into all public service vehicles. Do we have to go through all the spurious arguments and diversionary tactics that delayed the introduction of private car seat belts, yet again?

Yours faithfully,


Catts Hill,

East Sussex

11 November