Letter: Smeared by devolution

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Sir: What will devolution do (Letters, 20 August)? It will make government more open, more accountable, and more ready to listen to ordinary people. It is part of a process of reform long overdue in our political culture. We live in a state which is one of the most centralised and secretive in the world.

The "No" campaign has relied on innuendo and fear to bolster its case. It is completely within character that it refused to reveal the amount donated by the nonagenarian tax exile, Sir Julian Hodge ("Welsh rivals squabble over campaign cash", 19 August). Over the next month the same tired smears about "cost" and "break up of the UK" will be trotted out.

The real issues, however, are about openness and accountability in government. In 1990, after the fall of the Communist regime, Vaclav Havel proclaimed to the Czech people "your government has returned to you"; on 18 September the people of Wales have the opportunity to make that happen here.


Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan