Letter: So many venues, such a limited pot

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From Mr Ian Albery

Sir: Your article "Sadler's Wells closure threat" (21 February) points out that our theatre is required to raise pounds 9.5m in order to qualify for its pounds 30m grant from the National Lottery. Due to the extraordinary amount of money being raised by the lottery for good causes, there is a great deal of demand being put on the limited sources available for partnership funds.

May I clarify one matter? I did not suggest that "other bodies in similar difficulties were the Royal Court Theatre, the Royal Opera House and the Tate Gallery". My point was that many prestigious arts organisations are all competing for a limited pot of money. I did not imply that any of them were having a greater or lesser success with fund-raising.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Albery

Chief Executive

Sadler's Wells Theatre

London, EC1