Letter: Socialist principles in a changing world

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Sir: In signing the May Day appeal (Letters, 1 May) none of the 100 signatories sought to challenge the legitimacy of last Saturday's Special Conference vote.

We have, however, the right to campaign for policies aimed at restoring full employment, redistributing wealth and bringing health education and social services back into full public control. Despite the ballots, common ownership does win popular support. A Daily Telegraph Gallup Poll on 6 February showed a majority in favour of the old Clause IV when it was read to them. Would a ballot of party members on bringing back, say, water into public ownership be voted down?

Capitalism and the free market have failed. The rigour of competition has produced a high level of unemployment, increased poverty and growing inequality - not only in Britain but in Europe as well.

We desperately need a Labour government, but one that will not shirk the radical socialist policies necessary to achieve a better deal for all.

Yours sincerely,


MEP for Essex West

& Herts East (Lab)


MEP for London Central (Lab)

Harlow, Essex

2 May