Letter: Solutions for Britain's economy

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Sir: Unfortunately, Sir Fred Catherwood (letter, 22 September) is wrong when he says 'The Europeans have explained why we believe that Maastricht is in the British interest'. That is exactly what 'the Europeans' have failed to do. I count myself as a European, but I continually despair, in reading the press, listening to radio, or watching television, to find how inadequately, how feebly, the case for Europe is presented.

It is all very well to rely on rational argument rather than the emotion, jingoism, misrepresentation, folk tales and loss of memory used by the anti-European lobby, but from where I sit, as a member of the public, the 'antis' are making the running.

We sorely need a concerted, enthusiastic, dedicated, persistent, comprehensible and attractive presentation of the case for a European Union of co-operating states, all applying the principle of subsidiarity (including a replacement for that word]) as already set out in the Maastricht treaty.

Yours faithfully,



West Sussex

22 September