Letter: Somalia's warlords undermine the UN

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your article 'UN soldiers accused of atrocities in Somalia' (30 July) was not fair to the United Nations and its activities in Somalia.

The fact that the UN saved Somalia from mass starvation and unchecked genocide by warlords such as the fugitive General Mohamed Farah Aideed are barely mentioned in Western media. The voice of the elements behind these campaigns against the UN - who have taken cover under the name of 'human rights' - were not heard when the greed and power hunger of Gen Aideed killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Somalia.

The multilateral forces in Somalia cannot be expected to establish a secure environment for the distribution of food; bring law and order to the country, and encourage the establishment of a government in Somalia, at the same time that criminals such as Gen Aideed are at large, masterminding callous guerrilla warfare to undermine the noble efforts of the UN to return Somalia back to its people.

These relentless campaigns against UN activities in southern Somalia are dubious and questionable.

Yours sincerely,




Human Rights Concern

in Somalia

London, NW8

5 August