Letter: Some unattractive aspects of accelerated courses

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Sir: I wish to disagree with the comment in your report, 'Universities consider switch to four terms' (24 September), that 'the introduction of accelerated courses . . . may be increasingly attractive, given financial pressures on students . . .'.

It is true to say that students would be studying for a shorter time overall and should, in theory, incur fewer debts. However, four- term years prevent students from obtaining any kind of vacation work for a decent period of time. My elder brother studied at the University of Buckingham, which has operated this system for a number of years, and he is still paying for his university life three years later.

I am currently in my second year at the University of Teesside, and have been fortunate enough to work throughout the summer, which meant I could start this year with a clean slate. I am well aware that work is scarce, but for the few who can find a job to earn a few extra pounds, three-term years are ideal.

Yours sincerely,




24 September