Letter: South Bank: centre of a new arts quarter for London

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Sir: Robert Maxwell (letter, 13 August) is wrong. Our proposals for the South Bank aim to return the Royal Festival Hall to its former glory in an appropriate and permanently improved setting. It will be the centrepiece of an active open-to-all and diverse arts quarter that will attract three times as many people.

It is also the view shared by Sir Leslie Martin, the architect who so successfully designed the Royal Festival Hall in 1951. Following the international competition for the masterplan in September 1994 a detailed presentation was made to Sir Leslie, after which he gave our scheme his warmest support.

To quote from his letter to Nicholas Snowman, our chief executive: "The Richard Rogers scheme has made it possible to create this ... splendid new centre for the arts ... to ensure that the Royal Festival Hall, already a Grade I listed building, will in the future have a valuable and appropriate place in that important development."


Chairman, South Bank Board

London SE1