Letter: Southern discomfort

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Southern discomfort

Sir: As a Northern git I cannot let the gay community hijack the term "Southern poofs" as used in the Virgin video-game advert ("Computer game firms accused of inciting attacks on gays", 24 December).

As everyone oop North knows, the term refers to anyone from the soft South, regardless of their sexual inclinations; it is absolutely not homophobic and anyone who thinks so is being just a little too delicate (or assisting in the advertising campaign). If the advertising company did go wrong it was to use "Southern poofs" instead of the more widely used "poncey Southerners", which shows that their grasp of regional English is as weak as their grasp on reality. Where The Independent went wrong was to give space to such a non-story - but then (like the advertising agency) The Independent is probably full of poncey Southerners, a situation not offset by the presence of its strapping Jock editor. Ey up, 'ave I just stepped on someb'dy's sensibilities?


Batley, West Yorkshire