Letter: Southerners are equally sexist

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ALTHOUGH I am a North Londoner I have spent many years living Oop North and I remain firmly convinced that all the talk of working-class male sexism is based on middle-class hatred of ordinary working people ('Who are you calling sexist, love?', 12 December). I do not believe, for example, that there is less sexism in City institutions than there is on Teesside and Tyneside.

It is quite possible to challenge the sexism that does exist. On World Aids Day I visited the Pig's Ear Beer Festival in Stratford, East London. Full, no doubt, of horrible sexists with beer guts? No, actually. There was a large Aids and safe-sex stall at the entrance and many of the drinkers were wearing the red ribbon to show that they were not sexist stereotypes.

Keith Flett

London N17