Letter: Spare us the party police

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From Mr Paul Staines

Sir: The Government's planned legislation against noise nuisance really is over the top ("Noisy neighbours face spot fines", 13 December). Not to be outdone, new Labour is promising legislation that could lead to seven-year jail sentences for offenders. The Government proposes that after 11pm, noise above 35 decibels will be an offence. If this legislation is passed, this will be the last time we can see the New Year in with a bang without fear of puritanical party police.

Most people have the occasional late loud party on birthdays or New Year's Eve. The thrust of the proposed legislation is wrong: sanctions against persistent offenders are one thing, fines and confiscation of music systems are excessive against the occasional party-holder. All that is required is a bit more tolerance and common sense.

Politicians need to get some perspective and stop trying to control our lives down to the level of what time adults should be tucked up quietly in their beds.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Staines

Campaign Director

Freedom to Party Campaign

London, SE16