Letter: Spector at the feast

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Sir: In his article 'Underrated: the case for the mono button' (29 December), David Lister links the slogan 'back to mono' with John Lennon, further adding to the myth of the all-wise Liverpudlian.

The real power behind the 'back to mono' campaign was in fact Phil Spector, the American record producer of many classics of modern pop music and personal icon of Mr Lennon's at the time he was spotted badge-wearing. All of Mr Spector's hits were originally produced in mono and have been reissued again and again (in mono) over the years, to the delight of the music-purchasing public; his greatest and most well-known work - the 'Christmas gift for you from Phil Spector' charted again this year. 'Back to mono - it works.'

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London, N11