LETTER : Speedy control of traffic pollution

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From Dr Simon Kingham

Sir: In vast parts of Britain we are experiencing traffic levels and meteorological conditions that have led to high levels of low-level ozone. As a result certain members of society, notably asthmatics, are advised to avoid vigorous exercise. At the same time the creators of this pollution are free to ride around in their cars. As an asthmatic who owns no car and cycles to work I feel more than somewhat aggrieved by this. I am advised not to cycle to work while those responsible for exacerbating my asthma face no penalty. Is this really fair and just?

Traffic is the largest source of pollution in Britain. Yet these high levels of pollution are not necessary. Eighty per cent of journeys are under five miles and within cycling distance. Many more can be made on public transport. To achieve this, adequate funding is needed for a sensible transport policy.

Yours faithfully,


Institute of Environmental and

Policy Analysis

University of Huddersfield


5 May