Letter: Spielberg and the Holocaust

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Sir: The tone and content of Michael Graham's letter (7 March) leaves an extremely bitter taste. Not all German youth deplores the Holocaust. A new generation of German neo-Nazis proudly waves its swastikas as it launches vicious racist and anti-Semitic attacks.

As excellent as Schindler's List is, if certain Berliners have never 'felt the horror (of the Holocaust) so acutely' before seeing this film, it may be that they have not given this subject the serious attention and thought it warrants. One feels sympathy and understanding for those young Germans who feel an overwhelming sense of shame for acts they did not commit. There is, however, no getting away from the fact that so many of their relatives were never similarly concerned.

When revisionist theories about the Holocaust are finding favour all over the world and facism is spreading at an alarming rate, now more than ever it is essential that the truth about the Holocaust is brought to the public's attention. Steven Spielberg is to be applauded for his brave attempt to keep the truth alive, not condemned for portraying a truth which is too painful for some people to bear.

Yours faithfully,


London, NW6

7 March